Spiced Grapes


Sold Out

"Fall just popped in my mouth!", exclaimed a smiling customer, and we agree - Spiced Grapes evoke an autumnal crispness and flavor of approaching holidays. Using scuppernongs and muscadines from Watsonia Farm, we do the hard work of getting the seeds out so that you can enjoy the pulp and skins cooked down in sugar with spices that waft a Christmas aroma  - mace, cinnamon and cloves.  Red wine vinegar adds a touch of tartness. This is an old Southern recipe found in many a great-grandmother's recipe box.  Spiced Grapes were a holiday tradition, as they are superb with turkey, game, duck, and quail, but were later eased out by cranberries.  Spiced Grapes have quickly become a customer favorite.

 We are sorry to report that we are out of Spiced Grapes.  Due to the drought, local scuppernongs and muscadines were few in 2016 so we were not able to put up our usual quantity of Spiced Grapes.  We will be making them again starting in late August 2017.